To the roofing crew:

Thank you for the excellent job all did on our roof. I was very impressed with your extremely efficient work ethic, quality of workmanship, and kindness to our family while you were on our property. I was absolutely thrilled when I came home on day 2 of the project to find our yard exceedingly clean. All of the deck furniture was put back to its original places and the back deck was much more tidy than it was before you began the project.

I really appreciate the job of a roofer after watching you all spend a day and a half working on an inclined roof bent over. I can't imagine what it is like during the summertime. I hope you are thanked often, because your jobs are VERY labor intensive and deserves praise. Also, I would like to note that we have not found ANY nails on our property.

Thank you again!

To our sales rep:
I would also like to thank Sheldon O'dell for providing excellent customer service.

He was very patience with us, answered all of our questions quickly and made the claims process a breeze. He arrived on the day the insurance adjuster came to show him all of the problems with our roof to ensure that nothing was missed. I believe having a representative on our behalf ultimately made the difference in the claim being approved. He arrived on the day I requested an estimate and was a wonderful advocate on our behalf. I would highly recommend Benson Roofing to anyone who have roofing needs.