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  • 0% APR for up to 20 months. Good to Excellent Credit (660 or better)

  • Home Loans up to $100,000 in 3 easy steps. (550 Credit or better)

    1. Select your credit category and Compare Loans

    2. Apply and get results in 90 seconds

    3. Receive Loan Proceeds or 0% APR Credit Card Directly

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Endorsed Check:
To accept an endorsed check, all persons on the check must endorse the check. This includes mortgage companies and spouses.

It is recommended to NOT endorse an insurance check BEFORE the mortgage company has endorsed the check first. The check should be sent to the mortgage company, along with any documents they request, without any signatures. Once the mortgage company has endorsed the check and returned to you, you may THEN endorse the check. Then Benson can accept the fully endorsed check, or you can deposit the check and write a personal check.

Personal Check:
We accept personal checks. Please make all checks payable to Benson Restoration.

Send Check By Mail:
Benson Restoration
7645 Counts Massie Rd.
N. Little Rock, AR 72113